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Hard Surface Repair

We offer a comprehensive Hard Surface Repair service. As a rule of thumb, 90% of surfaces can be repaired. This represents a huge saving when compared with the price of replacing items such as tiling, marble, flooring etc. Especially where such items are tailor made.

We can repair chips, scratches, dents, scuffs etc. in:

  • Wood

  • Most metal finishes

  • Baths/ Basins/ Wet Units

  • Ceramics

  • GRP

  • Laminates

  • Marble and Granite

  • Furniture and Fixings

  • uPVC

This list is just a selection of some of the items we commonly repair. In theory, most items and materials are repairable.

It is not unknown for us to go out of our way to find solution for trickier repairs

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